Property Tax, Assessing and Building Permit




Property LookupThe City of Pontiac now provides online Property Tax, Assessing and Building Permit information. Cost is $2.00 per search. Property information is updated every Tuesday, and Building permit information is updated daily. Click here to look up property information online.

Now you can pay your property taxes online. Click here to go to the City of Pontiac online property tax payment website. 


General Tax Bill Information Taxes are billed twice a year (July and December) for both real and personal property. Bills are directed to either a homeowner or to a homeowner's mortgage company; therefore , it is very important for the homeowner to keep us informed if 1. A refinancing has occurred and the mortgage company changes. 2. If the mortgage is paid off 3. If the mortgage is sold to another lender.

DO NOT RELY ON THE MORTGAGE COMPANY OR THE NEW HOMEOWNER TO RELAY INFORMATION CONCERNING YOUR PROPERTY. State law holds the homeowner entirely responsible for making sure taxes are paid. If you are responsible for paying your own taxes and have not received your summer tax bill by the end of the first week of July or your winter bill by the end of the first week of December, please contact the Treasurer's Office. We will be happy to provide you with a copy of your bill.

Deferments of the summer tax bill on the homestead property are available to senior citizens whose household income does not exceed $40,000. Applications must be received and approved before September 15 each year.

24 Hour Tax Hotline - Property tax information is now available Free on the Oakland County 24 Hour Tax Hotline by dialing 248-858-0025 or toll free number 1-888-600-3773. To access tax information you will need to enter you 10 digit parcel ID number (beginning with either 14 or 19).

PROPERTY TAX information is available on-line through "Oakland County Enhance Access" program and there is a small fee associated with your inquiry. The direct link is ACCESS OAKLAND PROPERTY RECORDS; THEN SELECT "AVAILABLE PRODUCT DATA".