Office of Land Use and Strategic Planning

Planning and Zoning

Planning Division: 248-758-3030 Option 2
Monday through Friday - 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
Building & Safety Office - City Hall
47450 Woodward Ave. - 1st Floor 
Pontiac, Michigan 48342
Planning Manager,  Mark Yandrick - (248) 758-2816
City Planner (248) 758-2815


If you need to reach the Planning/Zoning department or need to submit a permit for a driveway, patio, fence, small shed, site plan etc. Please call; 248-758-2815 or email MYandrick@pontiac.mi.us

If you need to reach

Code Enforcement & need to follow up on a complaint, ticket, need to make a complaint, or need a business license please call 248-758-3030 Option 2

Click here for updated Planning/Zoning and Code Enforcement Department information including contact information.
Click here for Virtual Planning Commission Meeting
 (1st Wednesday of every month)

Meeting ID: 964 9958 8463
+13126266799 US (Chicago)

Click here for Virtual Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting (3rd Monday of every month)

Meeting ID: 945 4340 9936
+13126266799  US (Chicago)

Zoning Verification

If you need to verify the Zoning and/or Use of property in the City of Pontiac, complete the below Zoning Verification Request form and submit a payment of $150.00 to the City of Pontiac.

Any request for information regarding building code violations, building permits, certificates of occupancy, and property maintenance violations must be submitted in the form of an Open Public Records Act “OPRA”  request through the City of Pontiac of the Municipal Clerk.

Click here to download the Zoning Verification  Request Form

The Planning Division is responsible for administering and implementing the Master Plan, the Zoning Ordinance, lot splits and property description changes, site plan reviews, special use requests, planned unit development proposals, subdivision and site condominium proposals, rezoning requests, and variance requests. Planning Staff reviews development plans to ensure compliance with City ordinances and assists citizens and developers to better understand the land use policies and regulations of the City. In addition to, the Planning Division provides support and recommendations to the City Council, Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Historic District Commission and the Executive Office to assist each in making decisions regarding land uses and development proposals.

Mission Statement

Provide assistance to all citizens and developers regarding their development needs consistent with the city’s codes and ordinances and to promote a healthy and safe environment for the Citizens of Pontiac in a friendly and professional manner.

Want to get in contact with the Planning Division?

The Planning Division has provided multiple opportunities to interact, contact, and engage with Planning Division staff.

Pre-Development and Application Meetings

To better provide these services and to provide developers with insight on process workflows, developers are encouraged to submit for Pre-Application Site Planning or Zoning Compliance Review Meetings prior to the submission of plans and the submission for permits. Click here to submit the Pre-Development and Application Meeting request.


Guide to Development:
The Guide to Development includes a snapshot overview of the development review process in the City of Pontiac. The document explains the review process, policies, steps, and other relevant information for applicants. Links to web pages are provided throughout the document for easy access to the most up-to-date forms, applications, and more information. Click here to download the Guide to Development.

Interested In Joining the Planning Commission?
We are looking for candidates who would like to be part of the planning and development of future growth for the City of Pontiac.
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City of Pontiac: Planning Documents
City of Pontiac Zoning Ordinance
Click here to download the Master Plan
City of Pontiac Parks and Recreation Masterplan (2016)
Guide to Development
Annual Planning Division Reports
 2012 Planning Annual Report
2013 Planning Annual Report
2014 Planning Annual Report
Click here to open the Future Land Use Map
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Office Location:

City Hall 
47450 Woodward Ave.
First Floor - Building & Safety Office 
Pontiac MI 48342

Business Hours:

Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Telephone Number:

(248) 758-2816

City Planner:

Planning Manager, Mark Yandrick - (248) 758-2816
City Planner (248) 758-2815