Zoning Compliance

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Zoning Compliance Permit

In the City of Pontiac, a Zoning Compliance Permit is required for changes to the exterior of residential and commercial sites, including to construct, erect, install, alter, or repair fencing or other site work such as paving, concrete, and driveways. If you choose to use a fence or contractor for the proposed work, all contractors or homeowner pulled permits must acquire a permit prior to starting work. Request for inspections are determined and scheduled at the time of permit issuance. Work completed without permits are subject to penalties and fees.

  1. Residential and Commercial Fence Installation
  2. Repair of Existing Fence
  3. Driveway Installation and/or repair
  4. Parking Lot Installation and/or repair
  5. Proof of Zoning Verification for Subject Properties
Required Documents:

  1. Completed Zoning Compliance Application
  2. Check for $150.00
  3. Site diagram of property and dimensional details of proposed work.

  • Zoning Compliance Permit - $150.00
Additional Resources

  1. Oakland County Property Gateway
Step 1 – Application

The following information is needed to get a permit. Contact your contractor for these documents.* The PZD does not issue property drawings or sketches.

  • Completed Zoning Compliance Permit Application
  • Submit dimensions of all lots and property lines, showing the relationship of the site to abutting properties. If the site is part of a larger parcel, the plan should indicate the boundaries of total land holding.*
  • The location of the lot upon which the fence is to be constructed or installed.*
  • such other information as the Planner shall require to show full compliance with all laws and Zoning Ordinance.

Step 2 – Submission & Review

Bring required documents to our offices or submit via-email.

  • Submit through email at: PontiacPZD@pontiac.mi.us
  • Submit Button on Application Page
  • Planning & Zoning Division Office - 47450 Woodward, Pontiac, Mi 48342
Step 3 – Issuance & Inspections

Once you have paid for your permit and Zoning Compliance Issued you may request an inspection.

Have your permit number ready and follow the instructions, 248-758-2800