Historic District Commission Maps

Historic District Commission

Is your house in a historical district? How were Pontiac's streets laid out 100 to 130 years ago? On this page, you will find current and historical maps that can be useful or just fun.

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Pontiac's Historic Districts and Sites with Parcels




Where did the Clinton River run through downtown Pontiac? When was the Fairgrove District the site of the old fairgrounds? Click on the below links to take a trip into Pontiac's history.

Pontiac Ward Map 1872

Pontiac Plat Map 1872

Pontiac Township Map 1872

Pontiac Township Map 1872 (with 2006 overlay)

Pontiac Plat Map 1896

Pontiac Street Map 1937

Pontiac Loop Map 1947

Pontiac Aerial Photo 1940 with Streets