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Keep looking to this page for a complete listing of forms and documents to help you make improvements to buildings within Pontiac's Historic Districts. Find out the guidelines HDC uses before you submit your requests. Find out what options you have to keep your building historically accurate. This page also includes examples of typical home styles found throughout Pontiac.


"Preservation of Historic Buildings" - Historic District Ordinance (click link to open)


The Historic District Commission's Maps webpage has a wide variety of maps including:
City map with boundaries for each Historic District
Individual maps of each Historic District
Historic maps going back to 1872

Click here to go the HDC Maps webpage.

Resource Directory

hdc resourcedirectoryThe Michigan Historic Preservation Network has developed a Resource Directory as a resource for individuals and companies in Michigan and surrounding areas looking for access to preservation professionals.

There are many resources in and near Pontiac.

Click here to download the Directory

oakhillcemeterytourOak Hill Cemetery Walking Tour

A guidebook to the Oak Hill Cemetery was created in the mid to late 1980s, but the information included in the brochure is still current to this day.  Thirty-two separate sites within the cemetery are included in this walking tour.  Learn some interesting details about one of Pontiac’s Local Historic Districts and some of its permanent residents.  
Click here to download the booklet


Franklin Boulevard Historic District Homes Tour

franklintourOn Sunday, October 18th, 1992, the Metropolitan Detroit Preservation League sponsored a tour of the historic homes in the Franklin Boulevard Historic District.

Included in the tour was a guidebook that included a history of Pontiac, Franklin Boulevard and a history of each home on the tour.

Click here to download the guidebook from the tour

Doors of Seminole Hills

Click on one of the images below enlarge a sample the variety of doors in the Seminole Hills Historic District.

door thumbdoor thumbdoor thumbdoor thumb

The Sibley-Hoyt House

The Sibley-Hoyt House was built in the 1820s by Solomon Sibley one of the founders of the City of Pontiac, perhaps as housing for local workers. It was purchased by George Hoyt in 1867, who added a Greek Revival home to the site. Click on the pictures below to view this historic building.
RG thumbRG thumbRG thumbRG thumb

Modern Housing Historic District

In communities where the rapid expansion of GM employees was making it impossible to find housing, GM itself began to make provisions for the erection of homes that it occasionally rented to its employees but more commonly sold on a deferred payment basis.  By 1929 almost thirty-five thousand GM employees had availed themselves of corporate housing. The Modern Housing Historic District is located off of Perry Street between Montcalm and Glenwood Avenues. General Motors planned this 61 acre community in 1919 to house its workers and families. Click to enlarge to view examples of post-World War I industrial housing.
  Modernthumb ModernthumbModernthumbModernthumbModernthumb

Fairgrove Historic District

The Fairgrove Historic District is located Along Fairgrove Ave. between N. Saginaw and Edison Sts. In the 19th Century, this area was the location of the Pontiac Fairgrounds where the 1901 Michigan State Fair was held. Click on of the pictures below taken from a ceremony celebrating the completion of a home for a family by Grace Centers of Hope. The last picture is of a Queen Ann home that will also be restored.
IMG thumbIMG thumbIMG thumbIMG thumb

Guidelines – Pontiac Historic District Commission Roof Replacement Guidelines
Guidelines – Pontiac Historic District Commission Siding Replacement Guidelines

Guidelines – Pontiac Historic District Commission Window Replacement Guidelines

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Flyer - City of Pontiac Historic District Commission Review Criteria

Flyer – 33 Reasons for Doing Historic Preservation

Flyer - Historic Preservation Timeline in the U.S.

Flyer - Secretary of the Interior Standards for Rehabilitation

Brochure - HDC Information for Residents in a Historic District

Examples - Acceptable Window and Door Styles (Modern Housing District Only)

Examples - Four Square Style Home

Examples - Bungalow Style Home

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