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Documents & Reports14 documents

  • Code Enforcement Manual
    document _recordid 180
  • Flyer
    document _recordid 184
  • Complaint Notice
    document _recordid 185
  • Common Ordinance Violations
    document _recordid 187
  • Maintaining a Blight Free Pontiac
    document _recordid 191
  • Common Process Steps
    document _recordid 195
  • Map of Enforcement Districts
    document _recordid 196
  • Flow Chart
    document _recordid 197
  • Vacant Property Registration
    document _recordid 198
  • Residential Rental Registration
    document _recordid 199
  • Demolition Process
    document _recordid 200
  • Business Licensing Procedures
    document _recordid 201
  • Business Licensing Flowchart
    document _recordid 202
  • Code Enforcement Fee Schedule
    document _recordid 1550