Cable Office

The City of Pontiac Cable Office is run partially from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the City of Pontiac. The FCC owns part of the cable office and, as such, the Cable office complies with FCC rules. The department has two channels: government and public access.

  • The government channel (Ch. 20) has meetings, city events, public service announcements and other important information programmed within the channel.
  • The public access channel (Ch. 10) programs are supplied by the public (citizens and other points of information that is broadcast to a public audience).  For example: The White House channel, documentaries, events, PSA's, and more.

The operating hours for the Cable office are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. City meetings and events, which are videotaped and/or livestreamed, are produced during the week and sometimes on weekends (as needed and at varying times). Typically, the meetings are re-broadcast on our channels for public viewing.

The City’s two cable providers are Comcast and AT&T U-verse. Comcast is our primary provider and AT&T is our secondary. The city receives funds—Peg funds and Franchise fees—from  Comcast and AT&T U-verse each quarterly. These fees help with the production of the cable office and upgrades for our systems.

Public meetings livestreamed from the Council Chambers may also be viewed on the city’s Facebook page at: or on the City Council YouTube Channel at:

Watch our cable channels without having to subscribe to a cable provider. Our content and live channels are now available on the IOS/android app 'Cablecast', Roku Tv, Fire TV, and on our web-based internet channels.

Click here to view Channel 10 through the internet
Scan below to access Channel 10 through the internet

Public meetings livestreamed from the Council Chambers may also be viewed:
Live broadcasts can be viewed at a new location by clicking the image below

Click here to view Channel 20 through the internet
Scan QR Code below to access Channel 20 through the internet
Or you can view channel 20 by clicking the play button below

Visit the Apple Store or the Google Play Store to download the Cablecast App: